George Tsavalos was born in Athens, Greece in 1994. His works cover a wide range of applications, but mainly focus on contemporary typographic poster, book, packaging and editorial design for art, music, film, architecture and theatre projects. His work comprises a variety of techniques from traditional handset type to silkscreen printing and digital design.

02.2020 Nowhere studio [GR]
11.2019—01.2020 • 07.2017—10.2018 MNP Athens [GR]

01.2017—07.2017 Internship • MNP Athens [GR]

06.2016—09.2016 Marinos Kolokotsas [GR]
2015 Katerina Antonaki—a/k/a design [GR]

2017—2018 Master in Visual Communication [M.A Honours 1st class] in Graphic Design, University of Derby [UK]
—Master in Visual Communication Vakalo Art and Design College, Athens [GR]

2015 Erasmus+ Esad, Porto [PT]

2012—2018 Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Department of Graphic Design, Athens, [GR]

2012—2016 Bachelor of Arts (B.A Honours 1st class) in Graphic Design, University of Derby [UK]
—Bachelor of Arts, Vakalo Art and Design College, Athens [GR]

2019 November, Master of Art, Vakalo Art & Design College [GR]

Part 01. Le livre Object (How Mirko Borsche contaminated Venice) • Part 02. Archive design from book to exhibition design • Part 03. Designing Documenta 14 official–daybook, necessary information materials of an exhibition catalogue vs M.A Research text “a new way of narration”

2018 December, Master of Art, Vakalo Art & Design College [GR]

Part 01. Schedule and Time Management • Part 02. Research methodologies from theory to practice • Part 03. M.A Thesis as personal statement

2018 The Box Athens, PLUGGY, the Pluggable Social Platform for Heritage Awareness and Participation, Athens [GR]

2016 Gallery Ro, Thessaloniki [GR]— Syntagma Square, Metro station, Celebrating 150 years of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Athens [GR]
2015 TAF, The Art Foundation, Shakink project, Athens [GR]—Senhor de Matosinhos, Porto [PT]
2014 The Athens Zine Bibliotheque, Traces of Commerce, Exhibition publication, Athens [GR]
—7th International Student Poster Competition, Design for Peace, MKC Gallery, Skopje [NMKD]

2012 Greek Graphic Designers Association (GDA), Athens [GR]
Typo/graphic Posters • Packaging of the World [1. Lavazza, 2. Éliane Radigue] • EsadVakalo Art and Design CollegeDesign Ideas+Design • Skopje Poster • Trend List [1. Lekseis Magazine, 2. We Came From Space] • Braaanding • Ink Project • Graphic NotesWomb Huffington Post

2016 33rd issue of Gallery Magazine, Chois Publishing Inc. Illustrations from Ancient Greek Mythology [CH]
Infinite Icon, Sandu Publishing, Hong Kong, Identity for Faculty of Graphic Design Athens[CH]

2015 31rd issue of Gallery Magazine, Chois Publishing Inc. Six Dada Manifestos[CH]

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