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George Tsavalos was born in Athens, Greece in 1994. His works cover a wide range of applications, but mainly focus on contemporary typographic poster, book, packaging and editorial design for art, music, film, architecture and theatre projects. His work comprises a variety of techniques from traditional handset type to silkscreen printing and digital design.

Working experience

02.2020  Nowhere studio (GR)
11.2019—01.2020 • 07.2017—10.2018  MNP Athens (GR)
01.2017—07.2017  Internship • MNP Athens (GR)

Freelance Experience—Collaborations

10.2020  Freelance Graphic Design and Art-Direction (GR)

06.2016—09.2016  Marinos Kolokotsas (GR)
2015  Katerina Antonaki—a/k/a design (GR)


2017—2018  Master in Visual Communication M.A Honours 1st class in Graphic Design, University of Derby (UK)
2017 – 2018  Master in Visual Communication Vakalo Art and Design College, Athens (GR)

2015  Erasmus+ Esad, Porto [PT]
2012—2018  Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Department of Graphic Design, Athens, (GR)
2012—2016  Bachelor of Arts (B.A Honours 1st class) in Graphic Design, University of Derby (UK)
2012 – 2016  Bachelor of Arts, Vakalo Art and Design College, Athens (GR)


2022  January, Master of Art, Vakalo Art & Design College (GR)

︎Part 1. The Designer as Futurist • Part 2. Speculative design, from print to digital and vise versa

2020  December, Master of Art, Vakalo Art & Design College (GR)

︎Master in Graphic Design; A Visual Narrative from methodologies to cultural practise

2019  November, Master of Art, Vakalo Art & Design College (GR)

︎Part 1. Le livre Object (How Mirko Borsche contaminated Venice) • Part 2. Archive design from book to exhibition design • Part 3. Designing Documenta 14 official–daybook, necessary information materials of an exhibition catalogue vs M.A Research text “a new way of narration”

2018  December, Master of Art, Vakalo Art & Design College (GR)

︎ Part 1. Schedule and Time Management • Part 2. Research methodologies from theory to practice • Part 3. M.A Thesis as personal statement

Group Exhibitions

2020  PDP Conference, All Stars Exhibition, Novi Sad, (RS)

2020  Imaginarium Gallery, Type Text International typography poster show, Łódź Poland (PL)

2018  The Box Athens, PLUGGY, the Pluggable Social Platform for Heritage Awareness and Participation, Athens (GR)
2016  Gallery Ro, Thessaloniki (GR)— Syntagma Square, Metro station, Celebrating 150 years of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Athens (GR)
2015  TAF, The Art Foundation, Shakink project, Athens (GR)
2015  Senhor de Matosinhos, Porto (PT)

2014  The Athens Zine Bibliotheque, Traces of Commerce, Exhibition publication, Athens (GR)
2014  7th International Student Poster Competition, Design for Peace, MKC Gallery, Skopje (NMKD)

2012  Greek Graphic Designers Association, Athens (GR)


European Design AwardsThe Brand IdentityThe Greek FoundationAnother Graphic • Typo/graphic Posters Blank Poster • Packaging of the World [1. Lavazza, 2. Éliane Radigue] • EsadVakalo Art and Design CollegeDesign Ideas+Design • Skopje Poster • Trend List (1. Lekseis Magazine, 2. We Came From Space) • Braaanding • Ink Project • Graphic NotesWomb Huffington Post


2016  33rd issue of Gallery Magazine, Chois Publishing Inc. Illustrations from Ancient Greek Mythology (CH)
2016 Infinite Icon, Sandu Publishing, Hong Kong, Identity for Faculty of Graphic Design Athens (CH)

2015  31rd issue of Gallery Magazine, Chois Publishing Inc. Six Dada Manifestos (CH)


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