George Tsavalos
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Akalli the sun rises and sets Uprising CD cover Athens shape, image, form as structure Metalith transforming spatial experience into object – A meta-souvenir project. Xenia from Bauhaus to modern greek architecture Learning from Athens public space through its own structure and deconstruction Memory vs Reality memory as distorted reflection of reality Alphabet language as vehicle to a conceptual level Post-Monument a way to visualize the material and immaterial cultural heritage of the locality Éliane Radigue from phenomenology to vinyl packaging La Jetée one can not distinguish memory from every day moments but only when they become memorable since they leave scars. Jazz series at Berk Hall the essence of the creation moment from the musician to a two-dimensional surface

Athens is located as far as its geographical and cultural position are concerned on the verge between East and West. Following ten years of financial crisis, it has been observed recently that there is an upturn in both the financial and the cultural sector. This omage of the statue illustrates Athens at present time which is not only relied upon the ancient civilization but it also creates something completely new. The statue is found in a perpetual shaping, image, formation and reconstruction as is the structure itself, the morphology, political and cultural stage of Athens.

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