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George Tsavalos is a Greek designer working in a multi-format space for design research and practice. He provides commissioned visual services, covering a wide range of applications for institutions, businesses and indiniduals.

His practice through cultural field is based on a combination of aesthetics and functionality, in conversation with each client, for a strategic and creative thinking.

In the website there is a selection of projects over the years. Therefore, if you are interested in working with, please get in touch for portfolio request.


Since 2022 he teaches Typography and Editorial Design, in the Undergraduate Department of the Vakalo College of Art and Design while at the same time he is an accredited lecturer at the University of Derby.


Master of Art, Vakalo Art & Design College • ︎Part 1. The Designer as Futurist • Part 2. Speculative design, from print to digital and vise versa


Master of Art, Vakalo Art & Design College. Master in Graphic Design; A Visual Narrative from methodologies to cultural practise


Master of Art, Vakalo Art & Design College • Part 1. Le livre Object (How Mirko Borsche contaminated Venice) • Part 2. Archive design from book to exhibition design • Part 3. Designing Documenta 14 official–daybook, necessary information materials of an exhibition catalogue vs M.A Research text ‘a new way of narration’


Master of Art, Vakalo Art & Design College • Part 1. Schedule and Time Management • Part 2. Research methodologies from theory to practice • Part 3. M.A Thesis as personal statement


Posters Can Help, Slanted Publishers. All the proceeds have been donated to two select organizations for their work in Ukraine: ARTHELPS and MSF—Médecins Sans Frontières.

33rd issue of Gallery Magazine, Chois Publishing Inc. Illustrations from Ancient Greek Mythology.

Infinite Icon, Sandu Publishing, Hong Kong, Identity for Faculty of Graphic Design Athens.

31rd issue of Gallery Magazine, Chois Publishing Inc. Six Dada Manifestos.

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Greek Pavilion–Venice Biennale 2022
Image 2, 5 by Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

DOMa Magazine
Image 1, 9 by Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

Greek Architecture Awards
Image 7 by Stephie Grape

George Tsavalos